Mentorship Program 2014-2015 — Mentor Application

The Mentorship Program is a leadership development program on campus composed of a diverse group of students who are self-motivated, diligent and academically focused. Mentors are dynamic students who are responsible for facilitating the growth and progression of their Mentees on a social, academic and transitional level. Mentors are also encouraged to assist the Mentees they are assigned to with specific issues revolving around life on campus. Mentors also act as role models through example and provide support to student resources for their Mentees.

Mentors are responsible for providing out-of-classroom learning experiences to their Mentees and support various campus activities that are executed and administered by the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center and partner offices within the institution. Additionally, Mentors are responsible for heightening the awareness of the community on various areas related to academic success, community development, multiculturalism, health and wellness, alumni relations and career development.

Mentor Responsibilities and Requirements:

  1. Attend all mandatory training sessions, outings, and meetings
  • First Training Session is tentatively scheduled for 9/5/2014
  • First kick-off dinner set for 9/12/2014
  • Meeting sessions will usually meet bi-weekly on Fridays from 6-8:00pm

2. One “coffee-break” with assigned Mentee every two weeks (starting 9/15/14) for entirety of the Fall semester. Starbucks gift cards are provided by Student Council and OSARC.  

3. Two-three “outings” a semester with assigned Mentee (starting 9/15/14) for the entirety of the Fall Semester, hosted and paid for by Student Council and OSARC.

4. Monthly report/update due to the 1st Liaison Commissioner for Student Council.

5. You must maintain a cumulative and semester grade point average of 2.5. This GPA must be maintained from the date of hiring until separation from the Mentor position. Failure to maintain the required minimum GPA will result in the immediate halt of participation in the program.

6. Prior and current involvement with at least 1 other student club or organization on campus.

Important Dates/Timeline:

  • Application Process: All Mentors are required to submit a completed application.
    • Applications will be released the week of April 7, 2014 and the deadline to submit will be 5:00pm Friday April 18, 2013.
    • Interviews will be held the weeks of April 22 and April 29.
  • Notification of Hire: Email correspondence will be released on Monday, 5/5/14 by 5:00pm. Acceptance of the position will be due by Friday, 5/0/14.
  • Orientation Meeting: On Friday, 9/5/14, Mentors will be required to attend a two-hour session on Mentoring techniques/tips, an overview of the program and expectations.
  • Spring Semester: Mentors and Mentees will be asked to evaluate their experience and be given a spring schedule in December.

Note: Dinner will be provided during all “meetings” and training dates.
*Attendance and participation is tracked and will factor in being asked to participate again in the Spring

Mentor Application for the School of Engineering Mentorship Program 2013-2014

Basic Information:
Please answer the following questions. Do not exceed 350 words per question: