Student Clubs and Organizations

While providing students with outlets to explore personal and professional interests, co-curricular involvement through student groups also affords students with opportunities at developing skills in leadership, organization, time management, and problem solving. Participating in student activities, clubs and events is a great way to meet new people and connect within the campus community.

The experiential education gained from student involvement is also a valuable complement to the classroom setting and enhance your resume as you go out into the workforce. Whether you like building robots to looking to learn more about a specific culture, we have clubs and organizations that will meet your broad interests and needs. 

Use this website to jump start your co-curricular involvement through NYU Poly’s recognized clubs and organizations and the various student groups that will enhance your experience and community connections on campus. The links to the right will provide you with the information you need to start getting involved as well as provide you with resources as a club leader!

Getting Involved in a Club or Organization

NYU Poly is home to over 40 student clubs that represent academic, cultural, political, professional, religious, spiritual, service, social, and recreational interests. These groups provide limitless opportunities and events to achieve an active role on campus and to pursue individual interests. All students can also join one of the 300+ NYU All-Square Clubs that exist, these are open and include NYU students from across each school.

Finding a student organization that is right for you involves taking risks and trying new things!

  1. Attend Club Fest, an event that introduces new and continuing students to NYU Poly’s student life while assisting student organizations with recruitment and promotion. 
  2. Check out our Clubs and Organizations Directory to find out what groups exists.
  3. Be on the lookout for fliers, banners, or postcards that advertise student group meetings and events. Attending these activities is a great and easy way to start your on-campus involvement. 
  4. Visit the Student Leadership Hub, LC 223 in the Dibner building, where you can find contact and program information for recognized student organizations.