Lego-mania! Lego robots duke it out Downtown

Lego legends: PS 3 students (from left) Musa Sakho, Shadhed Hanif, and Di Marcus Johnson show off their Lego robots before competing in the Brooklyn qualifying round of the First Lego League on Jan. 12 at NYU-Poly.

Forget playing with pirate ships, kids these days prefer making robots out of Legos — and are forgoing weekend soccer for building-block battles.

More than 400 elementary and middle school students built working robots with the popular toy that some teachers use as learning tools, then watched as their creations duked it out during the Lego challenge on Jan. 12 at New York University’s Poly campus.

“I keep Legos in the classroom,” said Ryan Cain, a science teacher at PS 3 in Bedford-Stuyvesant. “Whenever they have a chance to use Legos, they jump at it, and start screaming and yelling.”

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