All RAISE fellows (graduate and undergraduate) perform demonstrations and hands-on laboratory activities at their respective schools. These activities enhance laboratory offerings of Active Physics, Regents Physics, and Regents Living Environment through the integration of modern sensing technology. All RAISE fellows developed several sensor-based laboratory experiments. However, for in class demonstration and for hands-on laboratory exercises, each fellow not only used his/her own experiments but also the ones developed by other RAISE fellows. In addition to sensor-based laboratory activities, RAISE fellows also perform following types of activities: help students with their assignments during class, tutoring and review for Regents exam preparation, conduct tutorials, help students with their sensor-based science projects, help students in preparing their science projects presentation boards, work with the science research students, etc. 

RAISE Fellow Training 

In summer 2004, RAISE Fellows were provided training in mechatronics. The fellows performed extensive hands-on learning using Parallax Inc.’s “STAMPS in Class” educator’s program.  They attended a two week series of introductory lectures on mechatronics. These lectures were conducted under an NSF funded Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Site inMechatronics project.  The fellows also interacted with the RET teachers and even provided mentoring for the RET teachers’ research projects.  Finally, having acquired significant background in mechatronics, the fellows learnt to use sensing and data acquisition tools from Vernier Inc. and began developing high school relevant sensor-based physics and living environment laboratories. 

Education/Pedagogy Workshop for RAISE Fellows 

Ms. Karen Milard, an education expert from the UFT Teacher Center, conducted a four-day long educational workshop for the RAISE fellows (8/30, 8/31,9/1,9/3/2004).  The following topics were covered. 

1. Lesson Planning/Effective Questioning Techniques (Pedagogical Skills)

2. Student Behavior and Cognition

3. Learning Theory and Styles

4. Classroom/Group Management Skills

5. Effective Communication/Presentation Skills


Raise Fellows


 William Kok

 Farhan Mudasir

 Elisa Seidman 

 Chris Wilkins

 Edwin Yu



 Margaret Cwikla

 Yuen Man Lau

 Mark Pytel



 David Chen

 Dong Young Ko

 Dane Kurian

 Robert McGee

 Arthur Nisonov

 Ewelina Rosa

 Sookram Sobhan

 Meetu Walia

 Nerik Yakubov

 Joe Yiu

 Ilya Zarankin

 Arsen Zavlyanov