Revitalizing Achievement by using Instrumentation in Science Education (RAISE) project will address several common areas of identified needs in four New York City high schools: George Westinghouse, Paul Robeson, Marta Valle, and the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology. The project objectives are as follows:

  1. Enhance student achievement in standardized exams, viz., the Regents Exam of Living Environment, Physics, and Math-A, by integrating modern sensing, instrumentation, and monitoring technologies in the laboratory curriculum of the following courses: Living Environment, Active Physics, and Physics.

  2. Excite students about STEM disciplines through real-world science and engineering projects that make extensive use of modern sensors and provide teachers with technology proficiency, qualifications, and resources to integrate project-based learning and learner-centered teaching in STEM curriculum and instruction.

  3. Develop human resources by:
    • inspiring inner-city students to pursue challenging academic work, meet high academic achievement standards, acquire a passion for STEM disciplines, and pursue STEM careers;
    • enabling RAISE Fellows (GK-12 Fellows) to develop communication and leadership skills and a deeper appreciation for STEM disciplines, and become role models.
  4. Strengthen the ties between Polytechnic University and the New York City school districts.