2015 NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering Research Expo

Friday, April 24, 2015 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm EDT

Who: Each of our departments at the faculty, graduate and undergraduate level and in our K-12 STEM initiative will demonstrate their research. The Media Lab and companies from our thriving Incubators will be represented as well, and cross-institutional projects will be highlighted.

When: April 24, 2015, from 1:00 - 4:00 pm (General Public Viewing Period)

Register: The expo is free and open to the public. Please register below for updates and reminders.

Volunteers: Opprotunities are available, please contact jason.wiker@nyu.edu

2014 List of Exhibits (2015 list coming soon):

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Center for K-12 STEM Education

1—3. Engineering High Quality K12 STEM Education: Display of experiments from several K12 STEM Education programs including GK12, CrEST, and Science of Smart Cities.
Name of Nominator: Ben Esner     Lead Exhibitor: Ben Esner

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

1. Are Your Proteins in Good Shape?: Protein aggregation and its modulation in order to expose various biochemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical problems related to protein aggregation.
Name of Nominator: Jin Ryoun Kim  Lead Exhibitor: Vandan Shah

2. Robotic Printing of Molecules: Automated robotic system for printing arrays of molecules on microscope slides for clinical and life science applications.
Nominator: Rastislav Levicky    Lead Exhibitor: Hao-Chun Chiang

3. Brooklyn Biologics: LeapMotion controller interface to scale and interact with 3-dimensional enzyme models without touching any peripheral interface.
Name of Nominator: Jin Montclare   Lead Exhibitor: Carlo Yuvienco, Ching-Yao Yang and Rudy Jacquet

4. Chemistry on Display: Presentation tools to pedagogical chemistry diagrams.
Name of Nominator: Jin Montclare   Lead Exhibitor: Carlo Yuvienco, Sarah Appelbaum, Priya Chako, Patrick Gryczka and Edward Klementowicz

Civil and Urban Engineering

1. Visualization of Dyed NAPL Concentration in Transparent Porous Media using Color Space Components: Color dyed transparent soil samples used in a color dye concentration calibration experiment.
Name of Nominator: Magued Iskander  Lead Exhibitors: Sina Kashuk and Sophia Mercurio

2. Ceramic- and Steel-like Concrete: Latest development in advanced concrete materials that display extraordinary properties that rival those of ceramics and metals.
Name of Nominator: Weihua Jin   Lead Exhibitor: Weihua Jin

3. Urban Mobility and Intelligent Transportation Systems: Traffic simulations to demonstrate intelligent transport Systems.
Name of Nominator: Kaan Ozbay   Lead Exhibitor: Kaan Ozbay and Hong Yang

Computer Science and Engineering

1. eNote: We are future of digital note taking. We make digital note taking easier than taking notes on paper we features specifically for Computer Science students.
Name of Nominator: Ali Heron     Lead Exhibitor: Sundeep Narang

2. Authentication on Emerging Interfaces: Novel authentication techniques that allow users to authenticate themselves on emerging interfaces using natural and fluid interactions.
Name of Nominator: Nasir Memon   Lead Exhibitor: Aditi Roy

3. RigMesh: Automatic Rigging for Part-Based Shape Modeling and Deformation: Algorithms and a user-interface for sketch-based 3D modeling that unify the modeling and rigging stages of the 3D character animation pipeline.
Name of Nominator: Andy Nealen   Lead Exhibitor: Ming Jin

4. FitMeIn – Online Fitting Room to Help Clothes Sizing: Exhibits the technology used to solve problems of online shopping experience.
Name of Nominator: Alexandra Heron and Lucas Nelson
Lead Exhibitor: Fnu Devika, Chen Kai Lin, Ting Yao Lee

5. Climate Data Visualization: A system to enable analysis and visualizations of computer model output resulting from high-resolution long term climate change.
Name of Nominator: Claudio Silva   Lead Exhibitor: Jorge Poco

Electrical and Computer Engineering

1. Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer: Model of train running in the loop to demonstrate as an example of dynamic Wireless power transfer.
Name of Nominator: Dariusz Czarkowski  Lead Exhibitor: Zhengyang Chu

2. MG Radar: Electronically Scanned Receiving Array: Automatic antenna beam scanning for optimizing signal reception.
Name of Nominator: Michael Knox   Lead Exhibitor: Georgiy Akhperjanyants

3. Az Propagation: Wireless Propagation and Antenna Diversity Measurement Database for 5GHz WiFi: The first 5 GHz propagation measurements database for antenna diversity in 5GHz for Wi-Fi application.
Name of Nominator: Michael Knox   Lead Exhibitor: Yaniv Azar

4. Silent Eye: Passive Security System: Passive wireless security system designed specifically for apartment dwellers with intrusion alerts sent directly to the user via the cloud.
Name of Nominator: Michael Knox   Lead Exhibitor: Ameesha Somani

5. Millimeter Waves-The Next Generation of Wireless: Millimeter wave propagation reflection and penetration characteristics.
Name of Nominator: Theodore S. Rappaport   Lead Exhibitor: Ting WU

6. Flexible, Foldable, Actively Multiplexed, High-Density Electrode Array:  Flexible, Foldable, Actively Multiplexed, High-Density Electrode Array for Mapping Brain Activity in vivo.
Name of Nominator: Jonathan Viventi Lead Exhibitors: Virginia Woods, Mike Trumpis and Gisselle Cunningham

Enterprise Learning

1. Active Learning: Next Generation Online Learning: NYU-ePoly will be showcasing our new Active Learning format for future online learning courses.
Name of Nominator: John Vivolo   Lead Exhibitors: John Vivolo

Laboratory for Orthopaedic Implant Design

1. Causes and Treatments of Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Primary research focuses on the causes, treatments, and evaluation of treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee joint.
Name of Nominator: Dr. Peter S. Walker   Lead Exhibitor: Michael Lowry


1.  Vortices in Fractional Quantum Hall Effect: Vortices solutions of a Fractional Quantum Hall Effect at prescribed locations via a MATLAB environment.
Name of Nominator: Yisong Yang    Lead Exhibitor: Luciano Medina

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

1. Electromagnetic Transportation: Analysis and design of a scale model Maglev track.
Name of Nominator: Joe Borowiec    Lead Exhibitor: Ting Huang

2. High Power Rocket: Analysis and design of a rocket which attains a height of 5000 ft with stage separation.
Name of Nominator: Joe Borowiec    Lead Exhibitor: Diego Kiper

3.  Engineer the Heart Beat: Physical models and computer simulations to demonstrate vibrations corresponding to sound of aortic valve closure.
Name of Nominator: Vittoria Flamini    Lead Exhibitor: Vittoria Flamini

4. Shapes of Heart Flow: Demonstrate mechanical heart valves function by syringing colored fluid through the valves.
Name of Nominator: Vittoria Flamini     Lead Exhibitor: Syed M. Thamid

5. Lightweight Materials for Automobiles: Comparison of automobile parts made of light weight material with automobile parts made of steel.
Name of Nominator: Nikhil Gupta    Lead Exhibitor: Chongchen Xiang

6. Intuitive Interaction with Mobile and Humanoid Robot: Development of intuitive interfaces for human - robot interaction.
Name of Nominator: Vikram Kapila    Lead Exhibitor: Jared Alan Frank

7. Interactive Technologies by using Mechatronics and Robotics: The exhibit will include three interactive mechatronics projects created by students of Advanced Mechatronics graduate course.
Name of Nominator: Vikram Kapila  
Lead Exhibitors: S.Banisetty, C. Zhang, P. K. Amlani, D. H. Palsana, P. Phamduy, J. Gomez, A. Barua

8.  Knowledge is (Metabolic) Power: How Much Energy Do You Consume?: Dynamic model of human metabolic energy expenditure.
Name of Nominator: Joo H. Kim     Lead Exhibitor: Joo H. Kim

9. Smart Materials for Underwater Mechatronics: Novel class of smart materials to sense mechanical deformations through an electrical signal and, vice versa.
Name of Nominator: Maurizio Porfiri    Lead Exhibitor: Youngsu Cha

10. Low-cost Haptic Devices for Neurorehabilitation: Low cost haptic devices for physical rehabilitation treatments.
Name of Nominator: Maurizio Porfiri    Lead Exhibitor: Jeffrey Laut

11. Fish and Robots: Not a Take-out food: Understanding of animal-robot interactions using robotic fish.
Name of Nominator: Maurizio Porfiri    Lead Exhibitor: Maurizio Porfiri

12. Enabling Technologies for Environmental Mapping from the Dynamical Systems Laboratory: A novel flow tracing system based on the use of biodegradable fluorescent particles and a remotely controlled Quadra copter for environmental monitoring.
Name of Nominator: Maurizio Porfiri    Lead Exhibitor: Flavia Tauro

Office of Incubator Initiatives

1. Radiator Labs: Steam heat radiator smart enclosure that controls temperature in steam heated apartments.
Name of Nominator: Micah Kotch    Lead Exhibitor: Marshall Cox

2. KISI: A smartphone access system to open doors with your smartphone, send virtual keys to family, friends or service personal, grant remote openings and manage your doors through an intuitive web interface.
Name of Nominator: Micah Kotch    Lead Exhibitor: Maximilian Schuetz

3. Hyperlocalizing Big Data about the Big Apple: In this exhibit Ontodia demonstrates the value of creating hyper local dashboards with various neighborhood indicators to improve life and commerce in the city.
Name of Nominator: Steven Kuyan    Lead Exhibitor: Joel Natividad

Technology, Culture and Society

1. The Satellite-A live vision of Earth: A novel vision of Earth which combines live data feeds from various satellites and remote sensing devices to create a single, dynamic model of the planet in real-time and at ultra-high resolution.
Name of Nominator: Dana Karwas    Lead Exhibitor: Ninad Mehta

2. RGBD Interactive Film Demo: Demonstration of the latest in 3D cinematic technique using Kinect and DSLR.
Name of Nominator: Dana Karwas    Lead Exhibitor: Jamique Mascoll

3. The Bug: A small robot that projects small images in hard to reach place.
Name of Nominator: Dana Karwas    Lead Exhibitor: Mahmoud Ahmed Raslan
4. SteinFinder: Location-Aware Apps for the Humanities: An augmented reality interface to engage the crowd in humanities using a smartphone or desktop computer.
Name of Nominator: Christopher Leslie    Lead Exhibitor: Christopher Leslie
5.  AR Drawing App: Mobile application which allows the user to draw augmented reality lines in the real world and see them with smartphone devices.
Name of Nominator: Mark Skwarek    Lead Exhibitor: Adithya Ravikumar

6. Play AR: Mobile application which allows users to create interactive experiences and games using augmented reality and the UNITY game engine.
Name of Nominator: Mark Skwarek    Lead Exhibitor: Mark Skwarek

Technology Management and Innovation

1. Brooklyn Atlantis: Low-cost, self-sustained mobile surface vehicle for environmental monitoring.
Name of Nominator: Bharat Rao    Lead Exhibitors: Oded Nov and Maurizio Porfiri


1. SensD: SensD is a hands-free, eyes-free, ears-free navigation device that you feel.
Name of Nominator: Steve Kuyan     Lead Exhibitor: Michael Karlesky

2. Skinesiology: Skinesiology has developed clothing that has built in elastomeric bands to provide resistance for everyday use or to increase the intensity of a workout.
Name of Nominator: Steve Kuyan    Lead Exhibitor: Franklin Yao

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Where: MetroTech Commons, in the heart of the Tech Triangle and Downtown Brooklyn

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