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Transition from Blackboard to NYU Classes Timeline

Spring 2014       Summer 2014       Fall 2014

The Learning Management System (LMS) is an online communication and interaction tool used by academic and non-academic communities at the School of Engineering.

Instructors can use the LMS to enhance classroom instruction through content sharing, collaborative capabilities, assignments and other assessment tools, Gradebook functionality, and more.

Students can use the LMS to review course content, connect with their peers and stay on track with assignments and due dates. Watch the Student Quick Start Video for more information.

Non-academic communities can use the LMS to communicate with members of their organization and promote community events.

Training is available to faculty and staff on using the LMS for interacting with students, delivering content, and assessing and grading students.

Transition from Blackboard to NYU Classes

In Spring and Summer 2014, the School of Engineering is transitioning from the LMS MyPoly (Blackboard 9.1) to NYU Classes (Sakai CLE). In Fall 2014, Blackboard 9.1 will be retired at the School of Engineering.

Training on NYU Classes began in April and will run throughout the summer and into the Fall 2014 semester. View FITL's Workshop Calendar for the full schedule.

NYU Classes Transition Timeline

Spring 2014 (January - May)

Summer 2014 (April - August)

  • Summer courses transition to NYU Classes
  • Organizational sites transition to NYU Classes
  • Training workshops

Fall 2014 (August - December)

In Spring 2014, 16 School of Engineering courses piloted NYU Classes. An additional 10 faculty and staff members prepared for the transition and explored NYU Classes using a sandbox site, or test environment.

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Mapping of LMS Tools from Blackboard 9.1 to NYU Classes

This table provides a comparison of the tools most commonly used in the LMS.

Blackboard 9.1 Tool

NYU Classes Tool Equivalent

Announcements Announcements
Send Email Messages
Build Content (documents, URLs, etc.) Resources, Lessons
Assignments Assignments
Grade Center Gradebook

A full list of LMS tool mapping is also available (NYU login required).

Faculty or staff with questions about NYU Classes and the transition from Blackboard should contact Yona Jean-Pierre.