FITL offers training workshops for faculty and staff on academic technology in use at the School of Engineering. Workshops typically last 45 to 90 minutes and are offered onsite and online. Please see our list of offerings and descriptions below, and see our Workshop Schedule to find a time that works for you.

Semester Workshops

If you are interested in a topic not listed here, you can Request a Workshop.

Classroom Technologies

Web Conferencing for Classes and Events

This workshop will introduce users to the virtual classroom solution Blackboard Collaborate version 12, a great option for holding online office hours, meetings and classes. We will demonstrate how to get started with this web conferencing tool and focus on the interactive features essential to conducting a session. We will cover the Participant Panel, Video Broadcast, Chat Panel, Audio Features, Whiteboard, Application Sharing, Web Tour and Interactive Recording. back to list

Lecture Capturing with BriteClass

Learn about BriteClass, the new Lecture Capturing system available at the School of Engineering that allows instructors to automatically record video, audio, and whiteboard content during class. This 1-hour workshop orients instructors on the lecture capture process from setup before class to monitoring student access and participation afterward. back to list

eno Interactive Board

This workshop introduces the multimedia and interactive components in many of the Smart Classrooms, including the eno Interactive Board. Learn about this three-in-one whiteboard: traditional dry-erase, magnetic ceramic steel, and interactive performance. This workshop will demonstrate how to use the Bluetooth-enabled stylus to create and annotate course content, and store content for later use. back to list

SMART Podium Interactive Pen Display

This workshop demonstrates the SMART Podium Interactive Pen Display and the interactive components in our Specialized Smart Classrooms. Learn how to use the tethered pen on the SMART Podium interactive screen to operate your computer, write over applications in digital ink and save your notes. This workshop will also introduce the SMART Meeting Pro collaborative learning software. back to list

Going Mobile in the Smart Classroom

Learn to use and access the SMART Slate wireless tablet to write on the whiteboard, annotate content, and control your computer from anywhere in the classroom. Untether yourself from the podium, or pass the Slate to students to demonstrate a problem in class. back to list

Getting Started with the Student Response System

The Student Response System allows instructors to poll students who respond using a clicker device or their smart phones or laptops using the ResponseWare app.

Beginning with an introduction to the software and hardware involved, this workshop covers preparing your system for teaching with clickers, creating clicker polls, and using the technology to enhance student engagement and learning. back to list

Writing Good Clicker Questions

This workshop presents strategies for effectively using the Student Response System to enhance teaching and learning. Workshop discussion different types of multiple choice questions for use with clickers, including recall, conceptual understanding, application/computation, critical thinking, and student perspective questions. back to list

Learning Management System (LMS)

Getting Started with NYU Classes

Get to know NYU Classes, the new Learning Management System (LMS) in use at the School of Engineering. At this workshop, instructors will learn to build their NYU Classes course site to engage and communicate with students. Topics include:

  • Setting up and managing your course site
  • Posting a syllabus
  • Sharing documents and other content
  • Creating announcements
  • Transitioning Blackboard content

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Grading & Assessment with NYU Classes

Get to know NYU Classes, the new Learning Management System (LMS) in use at the School of Engineering. At this workshop, instructors will learn to use their NYU Classes course site to assess students, and track and communicate grades. Topics include:

  • Using the gradebook
  • Creating and grading assignments
  • Turnitin plagiarism checker integration
  • Gradebook best practices
  • Transferring final grades to Albert

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Transitioning Blackboard Orgs to NYU Classes

This workshop is offered to individuals who administer non-academic organizational sites on the Learning Management System (LMS), and those who wish to explore NYU Classes, the new LMS at the School of Engineering.

Topics include:

  • How your existing Blackboard content will be transitioned to an NYU Classes project site
  • Adding members and managing membership in the site
  • Delivering content and communicating with site members

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Digital Media

Faculty Media Studio

This workshop session introduces faculty to the Faculty Media Studio, a dedicated workspace for multimedia project development and collaboration with colleagues. This workshop is an overview of the services and projects available to faculty and staff, as well as the Studio's top-of-the-line hardware and software. back to list

Educational Podcasting

This intensive 90-minute session of hands on digital media integration will offer participants the chance to record and produce their own podcast. Participants learn to identify the different types of podcasts, understand the basics of combining several forms of digital media together and are guided through the steps of producing a podcast at the Faculty Media Studio. back to list