Tuition and Expenses


School of Engineering students accepted for study abroad will continue to pay the standard School of Engineering tuition and fees. Tuition and fees at participating host universities are waived through the School of Engineering study abroad program.

Students must pay their tuition directly to New York University prior to departure, or before the beginning of each semester at their study abroad host university.

Students who fail to pay their New York University tuition in a timely manner will forfeit their participation in the study abroad program.

Financial Aid

Students who currently receive financial aid may continue to receive this assistance while studying abroad. Financial aid programs that may be transferable for study abroad include Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and Parent (PLUS) Loans. For further information regarding financial assistance please contact Student Financial Services.

Transportation and Living Expenses

Students are responsible for all transportation, housing, food, health insurance, books, study materials, and other costs.

Travel Arrangements and Conduct

Students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and covering all transportation costs related to their study abroad.

While participating in the study abroad program, students are subject to the rules and regulations of the host university. Students should review their host university’s relevant publications for information on current policies.

Withdrawal and Refunds

Students who wish to withdraw from the program must notify the Office of Undergraduate Academics in writing before making the decision. Any withdrawal made without notifying the Office of Undergraduate Academics will prevent the student from receiving a refund. Refund eligibility is based on the withdrawal schedule and school policies, as published in the School of Engineering catalogue and supplemental updates to the schedule of classes. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all relevant schedules and policies.