Tandon Exchange

A few exchange programs have been established with specific outside STEM universities to allow Tandon students to take their education to a global level.


Tandon seeks to provide the best educational experiences for its undergraduate students, both in Brooklyn and beyond.

Students will work with their departmental advisors prior to departure to develop a course plan and determine which courses offered at various hosts institutions are applicable towards their degrees.

While many of the courses within participating schools are taught in English, some are not. Students are required to conduct their own personal research via the schools websites to find out if the courses they want to take are taught in English.

Program Options

Exchange Program with Centrale Supélec (France)

Since its foundation in 1829, the École Centrale Paris has followed the same calling: training engineers capable of meeting the greatest challenges of their era. Centrale seeks to create “three-dimensional” engineers: engineers that are high-level scientific and technical generalists, experts in initiating and piloting innovative projects and with a strong international culture. Students who study at Centrale will have the opportunity to participate in any of their course offerings - some taught in English and others in French.

Exchange Program with The Felix Klein Center for Mathematics, University of Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Opened in 2008, the Felix Klein Center for Mathematics provides an exceptional opportunity to excel in interdisciplinary research and mathematical transfer of knowledge to industry and society. The Center offers a combination of the widely recognized and outstanding teaching and research programs of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Kaiserslautern, and the open-to-the-world and practically oriented projects of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics.
In addition to a semester abroad program, the University of Kaiserslautern offers a summer research program abroad. The purpose of this program is to allow selected qualified students to conduct scholarly research at the host institution. Students will be provided room and board as a part of the summer research exchange program.

Exchange Program with Dankook University (South Korea)

Dankook University, the first four-year private college since Korea's independence, was established in 1947 based on the ideal that the fundamentals of education lie in serving one's country and maximizing the potential of individuals. Under the founding mottoes of "National Salvation, Independence and Self Reliance," as well as the guiding principles of "Truth and Service," Dankook University carries out its missions of grooming young talent and facilitating academic advancement. Located in Jukjeon, Dankook offers a variety of programs through their colleges, including their College of Engineering.

English Taught Courses at Dankook University


Students interested in any of these semester abroad exchange programs must have completed their first year of study and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

Application Process

Interested students must complete the Exchange Site Application form and submit it to the Office of Undergraduate Academics. After this application is submitted, you must submit the following via email to the UGA office at uga.engineering@nyu.edu. Please put "Access to NYU Classes Study Abroad" as the subject line.

1. Personal Statement
Explain your reasons for wanting to study abroad and why you selected your site of interest. How will this experience enhance your engineering education?
2. Resume
3. Transcript

Please send an email to uga.engineering@nyu.edu with and questions or concerns. Please put "Tandon Exchange" as the subject line.


Fall Semester: March 1st
Spring Semester: October 1st


Office of Academic Affairs
5 MetroTech Center LC230
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Centrale Supélec, France
Florence Mayo-Quennette - florence.mayo-quenette@ecp.fr

The Felix Klein Center for Mathematics, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Falk Triebsch - triebsch@mathematik.uni-kl.de

Dankook University, South Korea
Sungdong Yoo - sungdong@dankook.ac.kr