Final Exams

Graduate final exams meet during the scheduled final exam week at the conclusion of each semester at the regularly scheduled class time in the regularly scheduled class room.

Undergraduate final exams do not follow the same schedule as the regular class meetings, but will be scheduled in two-hour blocks related to the course meeting pattern. Each semester, the list of final exams is available on this web page approximately one month prior to the exam period.

Fall 2016 Final Exam Schedule

School of Engineering Undergraduate Final Exams will meet December 19-23

Fall 2016 Undergraduate Final Exam Schedule

School of Engineering Graduate Final Exams will meet from December 19-23 during the regularly scheduled meeting time and in the regularly scheduled room (unless otherwise communicated by instructors).

Note that the last day of class will be Friday, December 16. Saturday, December 17 and Sunday, December 18 are Reading Days (no classes or exams) for all courses.

If you are taking classes at any other schools within NYU, here is the university wide final exam schedule.