To earn a Master of Science in Transportation Planning and Engineering degree at the School of Engineering, you must complete 30 credits, as outlined below.

You must have a 3.0 GPA or better in all graduate courses and in all guided studies (readings, projects, theses). Averages are separately computed for courses and guided studies. Transfer credits from other institutions are omitted from this average.

In addition, you are required to have an overall 3.0 GPA in all courses required for this degree. You may not repeat a course that counts toward the program more than once.

Required Courses (18 Credits)

TR 6013 Please Refer to Catalog
TR 6113 Forecasting Urban Travel Demand, Credits: 3.00
TR 6313 Please Refer to Catalog
TR 6323 Please Refer to Catalog
TR 6213 Please Refer to Catalog
TR 6223 Intelligent Transportation Systems and Their Applications, Credits: 3.00

Elective Courses (9-12 Credits)

Select 6 to 9 credits from:

TR 6023 Please Refer to Catalog
TR 7123 Management of Urban Traffic Congestion, Credits: 3.00
TR 7133 Urban Public Transportation Systems, Credits: 3.00
TR 7323 Design of Parking & Terminal Facilities, Credits: 3.00
TR 7033 Multimodal Transportation Safety, Credits: 3.00
TR 7233 Transportation Management, Credits: 3.00
TR 7243 Intelligent Transportation Systems: Deployments and Technologies, Credits: 3.00
TR 7343 Please Refer to Catalog
TR 8013 Selected Topics in Transportation I, Credits: 3.00
TR 8023 Selected Topics in Transportation II, Credits: 3.00
TR 900X Readings in Transportation, Credits: Variable
TR 9013 Please Refer to Catalog

You may take 3 credits of free electives from any graduate course offering at the School of Engineering, assuming you have the necessary prerequisites. Adviser approval is required for all elective selections.