What Our Students Say

Studying SUE has given me the opportunity to turn New York City into a living lab that I can research and explore. I take the things I learn from my professors and get out into the city to see them in action. From hiking the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail to understand the past, present and future of where millions of New Yorkers get their water; to having a summer internship at the United Nations that has opened my eyes to global urban policy and affairs. This comprehensive education will be my foundation as I pursue my Ph.D. and go on to educate future generations of change-makers and innovators.

Cindy Penn

Going into my junior year, I now work jointly with the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene and the Department of Design and Construction in their Built Environment program. This program is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and their Communities Putting Prevention to Work grants. I see first hand buildings that are LEED-certified and incorporate active living. I also help research and put together webinars for fourteen other communities all over the country, teaching them how to live sustainably. What I learned at Poly is helping me with my new job; and what I’m learning at my new job, I’m most certain, will help me at Poly in the two years I have left.

Corey Loupee

The SUE program not only opened my eyes to environmental strategies employed by cities around the globe but also provided design and real-the world experiences through NYU's College of Arts and Sciences and the Wasserman Center. I was able to apply concepts and technical training from classes while interning at NYC's Department of City Planning and designing a new environmentally conscious building for NYU's campus. Now that I have graduated, I plan on going to architecture school for landscape design.

Troy Odell