The Sustainable Urban Environments curriculum combines liberal arts, science, and technology courses to produce versatile students who are fluent in both the technical and social aspects of the sustainability issues facing our cities.

Former Mayor of Toronto, former head of C40 cities and a Global Future Cities Fellow at the School of Engineering, David Miller (foreground) met with SUE students at the Queens Museum of Art.
The School of Engineering's Sustainable Urban Environments program gives students a core competency in urban environmental history, policy, and technology. Students use experiences in New York City to learn firsthand about the environment and history of the modern city, and the possibilities for redesigning it to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
The credits to Complete a BS in Sustainable Urban Environments fall into 3 sets of required courses:
  • General Education
  • Sustainable Urban Environments
  • Electives

A Minor in Sustainable Urban Environments is also offered.

General Education Requirements

Humanities and Social Sciences General Education Requirements (24 Credits)

EXPOS-UA 1 Writing the Essay, Credits: 4.00
EXPOS-UA 2 Advanced College Writing, Credits: 4.00
4 Humanities and Social Sciences courses, including at least one course of Level 3 and one Writing Intensive course

General Requirements (20 credits)

General Technical Elective, Credits: 4.00
General Math Elective, Credits: 4.00
8 credits of General Science Electives
EG 1001 Introduction to Engineering and Design

Sustainable Urban Environments Requirements (SUE)

Core (25 credits)

CE-UY 1002 Introduction to Civil Engineering
CE-UY 4043 Sustainable Cities
HI-UY 3034/W History of NY's Urban Infrastructure
URB 2024/W The Design of Cities
URB-UY 2044 Methods for Studying Urban Environments
URB-UY 2054/W Introduction to Urban Policy

One of the following:

Concentration (20 credits)

Select at least 1 course from each group

History Group
CE-UY 3353 History of the New York City Transit System

HI-UY 2353 A History of NYC Transit and the Development of NYC
HI-UY 2514/W Introduction to New York City History
HI-UY 2724 Urban Environmental History
HI-UY 4334W Seminar in Urban Infrastructure History

Social Science Group

PS- UY 2324/W Environmental Psychology
PS-UY 2724 Human Factors in Engineering Design
PS-UY 3724 Psychology of Sustainability
PS-UY 3754 Psychology of Living in Extreme Environments
URB-UY 2034 Humans in the Urban Environment
URB-UY 3354 Urban Impact Assessment
Environmental Group
SEG-UY 2184/W Beyond Oil: Fueling Tomorrow's Vehicles
SEG-UY 2194/W Writing About Nature and the Environment
URB-UY 2064 Introduction to Urban Planning
URB-UY 2224 Natural Environment of New York City
URB-UY 2234 Natural Environmental Catastrophes and Cities
URB-UY 3034 Evidence-Based Design
URB-UY 3314 History and Design of Urban Parks

Project Courses (8 credits)

    URB-UY 4034 Internship
    URB-UY 4024 Capstone Project

Electives Requirements

Technical Electives (8 credits)

The technical electives requirement can be fulfilled by any course that advances the student’s knowledge of, or skills in applied science, engineering, or computer science.

Free Electives (20 credits)

Choose 5 courses of free electives from any department.

Minor in Sustainable Urban Environments

The program in Sustainable Urban Environments (SUE) prepares students to join scholars, policymakers, and other professionals as they work to create sustainable urban areas. Based in the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering (after January 1, 2014) the SUE program combines education in the liberal arts and in technology, to ensure that students are conversant with both the technical and social aspects of sustainability that face cities. Students in the minor can take courses in sustainable cities, urban policy, and city design, as well as courses in civil engineering and infrastructure planning. The SUE program prepares students for graduate study and future careers in urban planning, urban and environmental non-profits, transportation, housing, and related fields. This minor is open to all NYU majors. Please click here to learn more about the SUE Minor Requirements.

Requirements for Minor in Sustainable Urban Environments

15 credits- consisting of 2 courses from the Sustainable Urban Environments core

3 courses from any of those offered in the Sustainable Urban Envinrments concentration.