You must complete 128 credits, as defined below, to graduate from the School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics. Please note that the curriculum that follows applies to students who began classes in the fall of 2014 or later. If you entered the School of Engineering prior to that date, please review the curriculum and typical course schedule for students entering prior to fall 2014.

Courses and Credits Required to Complete the Degree

Physics Requirements (33 credits)

PH 1013 Mechanics, Credits: 3.00
PH 2023 Electricity, Magnetism, & Fluids, Credits: 3.00
PH 2033 Waves, Optics, & Thermodynamics, Credits: 3.00
PH 2104 Analytical Mechanics, Credits: 4.00
PH 2121 General Physics Laboratory I, Credits: 1.00
PH 2131 Introductory Physics Laboratory II, Credits: 1.00
PH 2344 Introduction to Modern and Solid State Physics, Credits: 4.00
PH 3002 Junior Physics Laboratory, Credits: 2.00
PH 3234 Electricity and Magnetism, Credits: 4.00
PH 4124 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, Credits: 4.00
PH 4364 Introduction to the Quantum Theory, Credits: 4.00

Math Requirements (30 credits)

MA 1024 Calculus I, Credits: 4.00
MA 1124 Calculus II, Credits: 4.00
MA 2034 Linear Algebra & Differential Equations, Credits: 4.00
MA 2114 Multidimensional Calculus, Credits: 4.00
MA 2224 Data Analysis, Credits: 4.00
MA 3114 Advanced Linear Algebra & Complex Variables, Credits: 4.00
MA 4413 Applied Partial Differential Equations, Credits: 3.00
MA 4423 Introductory Numerical Analysis, Credits: 3.00

Physics Electives (7 Credits)

Select 7 credits from the list of undergraduate applied physics elective courses. Graduate courses may be substituted with advisor’s approval.

Math Electives (9 Credits)

Select 9 credits from the list of undergraduate math elective courses. Graduate courses may be substituted with advisor’s approval.

Free Electives, Independent Study and Projects (14 Credits)

14 credits are reserved for free electives and independent study courses, of which 8 credits are reserved for a 6 credit applied physics project plus a 2 credit senior physics seminar or a 4 credit math project/thesis and an extra 4 credit math elective.

Electives in the Humanities and Social Sciences (16 Credits)

You are required to take 16 credits in the humanities and social sciences requiring EXPOS-UA1 and EXPOS-UA2 as prerequisites. To gain some breadth and depth of knowledge, it is required that you take courses in at least two disciplines and at least one course at an advanced level.

Other Required Courses (19 Credits)

PH 1002 Physics: the Genesis of Technology, Credits: 2.00 or
MA 1002 The Art of Mathematics, Credits: 2.00
EG 1001 Engineering and Technology Forum, Credits: 1.00
CM 1004 General Chemistry For Engineers, Credits: 4.00 EXPOS-UA1 Writing the Essay, Credits: 4.00
EXPOS-UA2 Advanced College Essay, Credits: 4.00
CS 1114 Intro to Programming & Problem Solving, Credits: 4.00