What Our Students Say

Courses in the DM program opened doors to a new world. So then I had to choose a path to personal achievement... The professors in Integrated Digital Media are wonderful guides.

Fangzhou Iris Lin, MS

Integrated Digital Media is one of the most revolutionary programs at the School of Engineering. It is a culmination of great minds and breathtaking ideas from varied fields of study. Personally, it gives me the freedom and the opportunity to be a jack-of-all-trades and to hone my skills to be the master of one.

— Sharanya Ravichandran, MS

In addition to being encouraged to explore the many facets and applications of integrated media, I've been allowed the autonomy for cross-departmental exploration. My experiences at the School of Engineering as a graduate student in the Integrated Digital Media program have afforded me great opportunities for networking, professional development, and peer fellowship.

Jason Williams, MS