Curriculum - Electrical Engineering, PhD

Course and Thesis Requirements

Seminar Attendance

You are required to register for a 0-credit Research Seminars course EL 9900 Seminar in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Credits: .00 for at least 4 semesters. A satisfactory grade is given only when you attend more than 2/3 of the seminars offered in a semester.

Area Exam, Submission of Dissertation, and Final Examination 

You must pass the area exam, submit a dissertation, and take part in a final examination. Learn more

Publication Requirement

To be granted the PhD degree, you must have at least 1 accepted or submitted journal paper on your thesis research subject.

Registration of PhD Dissertation Credits

You may begin registration for dissertation credits EL 999x only after passing the qualifying exam. You may register for EL999x  in multiples of 3 credits each semester, usually not exceeding 9 credits each semester. A minimum of 21 credits is required for the PhD degree. You must register for thesis continuously, every fall and spring semester, unless you have obtained a Leave of Absence by the Office of Graduate Studies. You must be registered for thesis credits or  Maintenance of Study (RE8880) in the semester in which your final thesis defense examination is taken.