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Curriculum - Computer Science, BS

Here we provide an overview of the of the new Computer Science, BS curriculum. The full description of the program and its requirements can be obtained from the Computer Science and Engineering Department. To see what your 4-year schedule of classes might look like if you pursued this degree, visit the Typical Course Schedule page.

On this page, you'll find:

Required Computer Science Courses

Required Mathematics Courses

Note that MA 2034 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations or another linear algebra course is recommended, but not required. Some CS electives have knowledge of linear algebra as a prerequisite. Students planning to take such electives should plan accordingly.

Required Engineering Courses

Science Requirement

You may choose any 3 science courses (each at least 3 credits) from the courses offered for credit to engineering or natural science majors in the Tandon School of Engineering, provided that they take suitable pre-requisites and co-requisites. For example, you might choose to take a sequence of 3 physics courses, 3 biology courses, or 3 chemistry courses, or you might choose to take introductory courses in physics, chemistry, and biology, or you might choose to take 2 courses in one science and another course in a different science.

Humanities and Social Sciences Requirement

You are required to take 24 credits in humanities and social sciences. Of the 24 credits, these should include:

  • 1 ethics course
  • 1 3XXX/4XXX-level course
  • 1 writing intensive course (marked with a "W" at the end of the course number)


  • 18 additional credits in computer science electives
  • 26 credits of totally free electives

Additional Requirements

  • A grade of at least C- is required in CS-1114, CS-1124, and CS-2134.
  • Students must satisfy the Tandon School of Engineering requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree

Elective Offerings

The following is a list of electives offered by the Computer Science and Engineering department. They consist of undergraduate courses, as well as graduate courses open to undergraduates. Please note that in order to enroll in graduate courses, juniors and seniors must have a 3.0 GPA or better and adviser approval.

Undergraduate Courses