Typical Course Schedule - Business and Technology Management, BS

This schedule lists specific courses you might take during your 4 years at the School of Engineeringtechnic.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

MA 1054 Calculus I With Pre-Calculus, Credits: 4.00
EN 1013W College Writing Workshop, Credits: 3.00
CS 1114 Intro to Programming & Problem Solving, Credits: 4.00
EG 1001 Engineering and Technology Forum, Credits: 1.00


  • Science/engineering elective

Spring Semester

MA 1252 Calculus For Business and Life Sciences IIa, Credits: 2.00
MG 1002 Foundations of Management, Credits: 2.00
HuSS 1023W First-Year Writing Seminar, Credits: 3.00


  • Technical elective
  • Science elective

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

MG 2204 Financial Accounting, Credits: 4.00
MG 2004 Management of Information Technology and Systems, Credits: 4.00
MG 2104 Organizational Behavior, Credits: 4.00


  • Restricted elective
  • CAM/STS/SEG/TCS elective

Spring Semester

EC 2524 Managerial Microeconomics, Credits: 4.00
MG 2304 Marketing, Credits: 4.00
MG 2014 Operations Management, Credits: 4.00
MA 2054 Applied Business Data Analysis I, Credits: 4.00

Junior Year

Fall Semester

MG 3204 Introduction to Finance, Credits: 4.00
MG 3024 Management of Data Communications and Networking, Credits: 4.00
MG 3002 Project Management, Credits: 2.00
PL 2143 Ethics and Technology, Credits: 3.00


  • Elective from BTM or TCS Mandatory Technology Subset

Spring Semester

MG 3404 Innovation Management, Credits: 4.00
MG 3304 Introduction to Supply Chain Management, Credits: 4.00
MG 3214 Advanced Corporate Finance, Credits: 4.00


  • Restricted elective
  • 2 CAM/STS/SEG electives

Senior Year

Fall Semester

MG 4004 Management Strategy in Technology Sectors, Credits: 4.00
MG 4214 Financial Strategy, Credits: 4.00

MG 4404 Entrepreneurship, Credits: 4.00


  • Restricted elective
  • 2 CAM/STS/SEG/TCS electives

Spring Semester

MG 4504 Global Perspectives On Technology Management: A Capstone Project Course, Credits: 4.00
MG 4014 Introduction to E-Business, Credits: 4.00
MG 4204 Management Science, Credits: 4.00


  • Restricted elective
  • CAM/STS/SEG/TCS elective

Important Notes

  • Students who are placed by placement examination or by an adviser into MA 954 Precalculus or MA 914 Precalculus B must defer registration for calculus. Upon successful completion of these courses students may then register for MA 1054. Precalculus courses are developmental math courses and no credit is given towards graduation. Consult Department of Mathematics for latest information.

  • Follow latest the School of Engineering Humanities and Social Sciences requirements. See subset below, subject to correction or change to adhere to latest the School of Engineering TCS Department regulations:

  • Mandatory Humanities and Social Sciences Freshman Course Fall Semester: EN1013W-College Writing Workshop
    EN1033W-College Writing Workshop for ESL Students.

  • Mandatory Humanities and Social Sciences Freshman Course Spring Semester: HuSS1023W-First Year Writing Seminar
    EN1233W-First Year Writing Seminar for ESL Students.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences Elective Requirement (six courses,18 credits): Six 3 cr courses chosen from any of the three Humanities and Social Sciences clusters (CAM/STS/SEG).

  • Writing-Intensive Humanities and Social Sciences Elective Requirement: At least one of the six Humanities and Social Sciences electives must be a writing-intensive course labeled by “W.” This Writing-Intensive Requirement will be phased in over a 5 year period. If this course is not available please contact TCS and receive permission to take another Humanities and Social Sciences course.

  • Approved science electives are CM 1004, CM 1014, CM1024, BMS 1004, Calculus-based physics: PH 1013, PH 2021 and PH 2023, PH 2031 and PH 2033 and noncalculus-based 3-credit Physics courses; PH 1213 and PH 1223. Note: EG 1003 is NOT an approved as science elective for BTM.

  • PL 2143 Ethics and Technology replaces previous PL 4052 and is mandatory for all BTM majors.

  • Restricted Electives are courses in math, science, Humanities and Social Sciencess ONLY. Restricted elective Humanities and Social Sciences courses follow the 3cr Humanities and Social Sciences electives.

  • Students with a 3.6 GPA or better in major at the end of junior year may substitute MG 4514 Honors Capstone Project I (4 credits) or the MG 4904 BS Thesis in Business and Technology Management for MG 4404. They may also substitute MG 4524 Honors Capstone Project II (4 credits) or the MG 4904 BS Thesis in Business and Technology Management for MG 4204. The MG 4904 BS Thesis in Business and Technology Management may take longer than 1 semester to complete and students must follow all the School of Engineering thesis guidelines.

  • Technical Electives can be chosen from computer science, engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics, bio-molecular sciences, digital media and undergraduate finance courses from the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering. Technical Electives do not count towards the General Education requirements.

  • The Humanities and Social Sciences 5BTM Mandatory Technology Subset (previously called the Liberal Arts Elective) can ONLY be fulfilled by any ONE of the following 3-credit Humanities and Social Sciences Cluster 2 Science, Technology and Society (STS) courses listed below (with or without a “W” - Writing Intensive - designation):

  • HI 3413

  • PL 2003

  • PL 2103W
  • PL 2203

  • PL 3203W
  • PL 3253
PS 2613

  • PS 2643

  • PS 2663
PS 3603
  • STS 2003
  • STS 2113W
  • STS 2133W
  • STS 2153
  • STS 2253
  • STS 3003
  • STS 3163
    • Please note that the above Humanities and Social Sciences electives may also be used as normal Humanities and Social Sciences electives in BTM.

  • MG 2104 Organizational Behavior is a BTM requirement and does not count as a Humanities and Social Sciences course.

  • Students must select a BS-BTM Concentration by the end of the fall semester of the junior year. Current BS-BTM Concentrations: Technology Innovation and Strategy Concentration (Strat. Concent.) and Technology and Innovation in Finance Concentration (Fin. Concent.).

  • BTM students have several internship options. They may register for MG 4603 Technology Management—Internship and Service for 3 credits for one semester only and
as per the stipulations described in the BTM course description section. Also, students may register for CP 101 and CP 201, both provided by the Career Management Center. Internships generally run for 2 to 3 months the first year of study. No credit is offered towards the BS BTM degree for MG 4603 or for the above CP courses, but they all
shall appear on the School of Engineering transcript.

  • HI 2104 Contemporary History found previously here as a Humanities and Social Sciences mandatory course is no longer a requirement and is replaced by a Humanities and Social Sciences elective (Humanities and Social Sciences3 CAM/STS/SEG Elec).

  • MA 2054 may be substituted with MA 2212 (Data Analysis I) together with MA 2222 (Data Analysis II), for 4 total credits, only with the pre-approvals from the BTM Program Director and the Mathematics Department.