Curriculum - Business and Technology Management, BS

Degree Requirements

The Business and Technology Management BS program requires 128 credits for graduation. To remain in good standing, you must satisfy the following requirements, in addition to the School of Engineering requirements for a minimum term and cumulative 2.0 GPA in all courses:

  • An average of C (2.0) or better in all MG courses
  • A course in which the grade of I is received may not be used to satisfy any prerequisites until the incomplete is resolved

Course Distribution

  • 60 credits in management
  • 34 credits in courses in humanities and social sciences
  • 10 credits in courses in mathematics
  • 10 credits in “restricted” electives chosen from math, science, social sciences and humanities
  • 6 credits in science
  • 4 credits in computer science
  • 3 credits in a “technical” elective
  • 1 credit in the Engineering and Technology Forum

See the Typical Course Schedule for an example of what your schedule might look like as a student in the BTM program. (About course numbering.)

Currently, management courses for the BS in BTM are each 4 credits. This new curriculum accommodates 3-credit courses in humanities and social sciences, as well as 3-credit courses in the sciences.


You may focus your study in 1 of 2 areas of concentration, which focus on particular issues and strategies that apply to business and technology management:

  • Technology Innovation Strategy enables you to develop effective skills for conducting strategic analysis addressing marketing, logistics, channel, and operations management issues, as well as relevant best business practiced in the technological arena. In this concentration option, you will complete MG 3304 in your 6th semester and MG 4004 in your 7th semester.
  • Technology and Innovation in Finance will prepare you to understand financial theory and how firms use modern finance for strategic and tactical decision-making. In this concentration option, you will complete MG 3214 and MG 4204 in your 6th and 7th semesters.

Honors Capstone (Including Thesis and Honor's Thesis)

If you earn a 3.6 GPA or better in MG courses through your junior year of study, you will qualify for an optional MG4904 BS Thesis in Business and Technology Management honors capstone. You are advised to meet with the BTM Program Director before completing you junior year if you qualify. (You are free to not elect this project sequence.)

Transfer Students

Courses at other schools may or may not be granted transfer credit and require an evaluation of the content and level of material covered. Periodic reevaluation of courses at other institutions may lead to a variation in the number of credits granted from year-to-year. Thus, students completing the same program, but in different years, may receive different amounts of transfer credit. Transfer students must present their records for evaluation at least 2 weeks before the regular registration period for their first semester.

Minor in Management

You may obtain an undergraduate minor in management by completing 14 credits of management courses with an overall GPA of at least 2.0 in the classes, one of which must be MG 1002 Foundations of Management, Credits: 2.00. Additionally, you must take at least 8 of the 14 credits at the School of Engineering.

Course Numbering

BTM courses are numbered with the following schema:

  • The first digit of a course number corresponds to the year in which a BTM student would take the course (1 = freshman, etc.)
  • The second digit reflects the primary nature of the course material. Courses numbered with a second digit of “0” are focused primarily on processes in management

“1” are oriented toward organizational behavior

“2” are quantitative in nature

“3” describe a firm’s relationships with external forces

“4” study innovation

“5” are capstone courses

“6” are Internship and Service courses

Thus, MG 3304 Introduction to Supply Chain Management is a 4-credit junior-year course focusing on external relationships.

Undergraduate Courses

MG 1002 Foundations of Management, Credits: 2.00
MG 2004 Management of Information Technology and Systems, Credits: 4.00
MG 2014 Operations Management, Credits: 4.00
MG 2104 Organizational Behavior, Credits: 4.00
MG 2204 Financial Accounting, Credits: 4.00
MG 2304 Marketing, Credits: 4.00
MG 3002 Project Management, Credits: 2.00
MG 3024 Management of Data Communications and Networking, Credits: 4.00
MG 3204 Introduction to Finance, Credits: 4.00
MG 3214 Advanced Corporate Finance, Credits: 4.00
MG 3304 Introduction to Supply Chain Management, Credits: 4.00
MG 3404 Innovation Management, Credits: 4.00
MG 4004 Management Strategy in Technology Sectors, Credits: 4.00
MG 4014 Introduction to E-Business, Credits: 4.00
MG 4204 Management Science, Credits: 4.00
MG 4214 Financial Strategy, Credits: 4.00
MG 4404 Entrepreneurship, Credits: 4.00
MG 4114 Special Topics in Management, Credits: 4.00
MG 4113 Special Topics in Management, Credits: 3.00
MG 4112 Special Topics in Management, Credits: 2.00
MG 4111 Special Topics in Management, Credits: 1.00
MG 4504 Global Perspectives On Technology Management: A Capstone Project Course, Credits: 4.00
MG 4514 Honors Capstone Project in Tech, Innovation And/Or Info Mgmt & Entrepreneurship I, Credits: 4.00
MG 4524 Honors Capstone Project in Tech, Innovation And/Or Info Mgmt & Entrepreneurship II, Credits: 4.00
MG 4603 Technology Management—internship and Service, Credits: 3.00