Degree Requirements

The 30-credit curriculum of the Biotechnology, MS program consists of 3 parts:

  1. 5 required courses in biotechnology, protein and tissue engineering, enzyme catalysis, and biosensors (15 credits)
  2. 3 elective courses in biotechnology and related fields (9 credits)
  3. 2 more elective courses or Guided Studies in Biotechnology, involving laboratory or literature work (6 credits)

To meet graduation requirements, students must attain an overall GPA of 3.0 (average of a B) in all their courses.

Required Courses (15 Credits)

Choose One:

Elective Courses (9-15 Credits)

You must take from 3 to 5 courses from the list shown:

Guided studies (Up to 6 Credits)

You may take up to 2 guided studies courses (1 per semester), which involve laboratory or literature work, as arranged with your adviser:

Subject to advisor’s approval students can also take an elective course and/or do research at other Schools of NYU. Typically, Biotechnology students choose NYU School of Medicine.