Frequently Asked Questions: Cybersecurity, MS

Q. What are the entrance requirements for the MS in Cybersecurity?

A. Please visit the program overview for detailed information on admission requirements.

Q. Is the GRE test required for admission?

A. Yes

Q. My previous degrees were not in computer science. Can I still apply?

A. Yes. You can apply to the Cybersecurity program if your background is not in computer science. An advisor will review your background and if you are eligible, you can be admitted conditionally. Conditionally admitted students will need to take a few computer science prerequisite courses.

Q. What courses are required to complete the MS in Cybersecurity program?

A. Please visit the curriculum page for a list of program requirements.

Q. How long will it take me to complete the Cybersecurity Master's degree?

A. To complete the cybersecurity program, you will need to finish 30 credits (10 courses). If you attend as a full-time student and take 3 courses per semester, you will complete the program within 2 years. If you attend as a part-time student and take 1 or 2 courses per semester, you will complete the program within the time it takes to complete all 10 courses.

As stipulated in the university catalog, master students have 5 years to complete their degree requirements. Please visit the School of Engineering Bulletin for more details.

Q. Is the program’s curriculum flexible? Can I choose some courses outside the computer science department?

A. You can select elective courses that may be outside of the computer science department. However, you should talk with your advisor before enrolling in them to make sure you are on track to complete your required courses.

Q. How many credits do I need to take to qualify as a full-time student? A part-time student?

A. Full-time: you have to take 9 credits (3 courses) per semester to qualify as a full-time student. Part-time: you can take 1 or 2 courses per semester to qualify as a part-time student.

Q. I took certification courses in CISSP, CISA, CISM, CCNA, SCSA, SCNA, are they transferable?

A. No. Credit for certification courses in CISSP, CISA, CISM, CCNA, SCSA, SCNA are not transferable to this program.

Q. Can I get NSA certificates upon completing the Cybersecurity, MS program?

A. As long as you have satisfied the requirements for certificates you will get them. All students are expected to get 4011 and 4016. Some may get 4013.

Q. I have been admitted to the Computer Science, MS program at the School of Engineering. Can I transfer into the Cybersecurity, MS program?

A. In order to transfer your credits, you will need to speak with the department advisor and obtain approval.

Q. I already have a master’s degree in computer science and I am interested in the Cybersecurity, MS program. Can I substitute classes I took for my computer science degree for the cybersecurity degree?

A. Sorry, but we do not allow substitutions from other programs.

Q. Is the MS in Cybersecurity available online?

A. Yes. The MS in Cybersecurity program is available online. For more details, please contact the NYU-ePoly department at or call 718-260-3623.

Q. Can I complete the entire MS degree online?

A. This is a new program and the majority of the courses required to complete the program are available online. Those that aren't yet available online will be made available by the end of Fall 2012.

Q. Are there any upcoming information sessions or seminars I can attend?

A. To receive notifications about seminars please join the mailing list More information about information sessions can be found on the NYU-ePoly events page.

Q. Whom should I contact with additional questions?

A. Please contact the program director, Professor Nasir Memon at

Or, contact our NYU-ePoly team:

NYU-ePoly Team