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Electrical engineers assume a principal role in implementing industrial infrastructure, from vast complexes to intricate applications on hand-held devices. This online Master of Science program in Electrical Engineering prepares students to embrace an advanced, highly sought-after professional career. It also gives them critical knowledge to pursue a PhD in electrical engineering. Students explore key subdisciplines in control, signal processing and computing to achieve a thorough command of the field.

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Admissions Requirements

The admissions requirements for this program are parallel to the on-campus requirements. View the Electrical Engineering, MS admissions requirements.


Course Requirements

To obtain the MS in Electrical Engineering degree, students must complete a total of 30 credits, with restrictions described below. The 30 credit requirement is equivalent to 10 required courses broken down as follows:

  1. Core Courses (2 courses required)
  2. EL Courses (6 additional EL courses required): In addition to the core courses, the student must select additional 6 courses from graduate level EE courses (with prefix EL-GY) listed within the concentrations.
  3. Out-of-department courses and 5000-level EL courses: At most 2 non-EL graduate level courses (6 credits) in science, engineering, or management can be used to count towards the 30 credits. A 3-credit graduate course taken at other science or engineering departments of NYU that is closely related to electrical engineering may be approved by the MSEE program advisor. The total number of non-EL courses and 5000-level EL courses cannot exceed 4 (12 credits).

For a more detailed breakdown of course requirement, please see

Core Courses (two courses required):

The core courses cover fundamental material and should be taken as early as possible. An advanced course subsequent to a core course may be taken in lieu of the core course, upon approval by the MSEE program advisor. All students must choose two out of four of the following core courses offered online:

Concentration Areas:

Students are recommended to select courses to focus on one or two concentration areas, to obtain sufficient depth in their chosen areas. To provide flexibility for course selection based on the student’s interests, a student does not need to officially declare a concentration, and no specific number of credits is required for each chosen concentration.



Signal Processing

Systems and Control

Energy Systems and Power Electronics

Computer Engineering and VLSI Circuit Design

Degree Requirements: 30 Credits