Electrical Engineering, MS: NYU-ePoly

Electrical engineers assume a principal role in implementing industrial infrastructure, from vast complexes to intricate applications on hand-held devices. This online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering prepares you to embrace an advanced, highly sought-after professional career. It also gives you critical knowledge to pursue a PhD in electrical engineering. Explore key sub-disciplines in control, signal processing and computing to achieve a thorough command of the field.

Students in this MS Degree program qualify to receive NSA Certificates in Information Assurance. Click here for more details.

*Note: The online versions of our MS  Electrical Engineering program is pending NY state approval.


Group 1: Select 3 Courses (9 credits)

EL 5373 Internet Architecture & Protocols Lab, Credits: .00 (see special note about this course)
EL 5473 Introduction to Vlsi System Design, Credits: 3.00
EL 6113 Digital Signal Processing I, Credits: 3.00
EL 6303 Probability and Stochastic Processes, Credits: 3.00
EL 6413 Analog and High Frequency Amplifier Design, Credits: 3.00

Group 2: Select 2 Sequences (6-12 credits)

Two sequences each contain two courses—one course in each sequence may be a core course in Group l. Both sequences must be in EL or CS courses and at least one must be an EL sequence. Approved course sequences are provided in the ECE Graduate Student Manual.

EL 5363 Please Refer to Catalog
EL 6373 Local and Metropolitan Area Networks, Credits: 3.00
EL 6383 High-Speed Networks, Credits: 3.00
EL 6393 Network Security Systems Design, Credits: 3.00
EL 6433 Digital Integrated Circuit Design, Credits: 3.00
EL 6753 Uhf Propagation For Wireless Systems, Credits: 3.00
EL 7133 Digital Signal Processing II, Credits: 3.00
EL 7353 Communication Networks I: Analysis, Modeling and Performance, Credits: 3.00
EL 7373 High Performance Switches and Routers, Credits: 3.00

Group 3: (6-12 credits)

Approved electives may be chosen with adviser approval from graduate offerings in EL, CS and, occasionally, pertinent courses from other departments. With adviser approval, students may select other groups or individual courses provided they relate to the various facets of computer engineering.

Degree Requirements: 30 Credits