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Computer engineers participate in some of the most forward-looking work in industry and government today, particularly telecommunications, computer networks and microelectronics. You become a resourceful expert in such dynamic fields as computer networks, VLSI design and testing, embedded systems design and computer architecture. Focusing on principles and concepts underlying the design and integration of hardware and software components and systems, this online Master’s in Computer Engineering gives you what you must know to become a serious professional, confident in electronically controlled systems and devices.

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Preparatory Course

Computer Engineering Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a prerequisite course recommended to those interested in applying for the Computer Engineering​ Master's Degree who are lacking a background in computer science. If you have a degree in liberal arts or similar, our one-course online program will provide you the tools needed to upgrade your computer science knowledge for consideration to a qualifying master’s degree at the School of Engineering. Should you complete this intensive bridge course with a grade of B+ or better, you are eligible to be admitted without any course deficiencies, should you meet all other School of Engineering admission requirements.

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Admissions Requirements

The admissions requirements for this program are parallel to the on-campus requirements. View the Computer Engineering, MS admissions requirements.