The department offers minors in Computer Science and Game Engineering.

Computer Science Minor

A minor in Computer Science consists of a minimum of 15 credits, including CS 1124 (Object Oriented Programming) and CS 2134 (Data Structures and Algorithms). Students would need to obtain a grade of C- or better in CS 1114 (Intro to Programming & Problem Solving)* and satisfy the prerequisite requirements before enrolling in these courses. Students must maintain an average GPA of 2.0 or better in the minor. In addition, a required CS course in a BS curriculum cannot be used to satisfy course requirements in the CS minor. For transfer students, a least three of the five courses must be taken at the School of Engineering.

For more information, contact your academic adviser.

* CS 1114 is a prerequisite for CS 1124. It therefore cannot count towards the minor.


Game Engineering Minor

With the increased use of mobile and tablet devices, the global video game market, valued at $78 billion in 2012, is experiencing unprecedented growth. Game designers and programmers are in higher demand than ever. As the industry grows and develops, so does our commitment to giving our students full access to the technology and leading information necessary for them to dive headfirst into this exciting area. Imagine working with cutting-edge technology to create one of the world’s newest and most popular forms of entertainment. Our Game Engineering Minor gives you that opportunity.

The Game Engineering Minor emphasizes mastery of computer programming skills relevant to Game Engineering, combined with hands-on practice building games with others in studio-style courses, and electives drawn from NYU’s broad offerings in the games domain. Students are also expected to complete a prerequisite core curriculum in Computer Science to be well prepared for the other courses (or to demonstrate equivalent mastery). The minor consists of 15 credits.

For more information, download this flier (PDF) or contact your academic adviser.