Student Projects

Outstanding Capstone Project Award

The department congratulates the following student teams for presenting the best two-semester graduation project in their academic year.  The project consists of two submitals: (1) Site layout and (2) Structural design.

The first assignment is to perform complete site layout design for a suburrban building complex that includes all buildings, grading, drainage, stormwater management, structures, sanitary sewers, water supply networks, parking, driveways, recreational areas, errosion and sediment control, vegetataed areas, traffic studies, pavement design, road design including road profiles and signage.  The site plan submital must meet basic code requirements.  

The second assignment is  to produce a detailed structural design that meets all the building code requirements. Additionally, the structural design typically involves analysis and design of retaining wall systems.   

The deliverables for the project consist a full set of site drawings, structural and architectural drawings along with a detailed calculation report. Students present and defend their design in an oral presentation.


The department encourages students to review the attached project documents which serves as a good example of the level of work expected upon graduation.  


Outstanding Graduation Projects of 2016

Outstanding Site Layout  Outstanding Structural Project

         Project team: 

Julia Langewis
Anthony Fitzgerald
Osvaldo Zeqo
Tyler Albert

Project team:

Mohammad Mualla
Xin Tao Liao
Carlos Peralta
Justim Hum


     Outstanding Graduation Project of 2015

Project Team:
Leifu Wang
Jimmy Liang
Mark Milkis



                        Outstanding Graduation Project of 2014

Project Team:
Demetrio Criscuolo
Sojol Howlader
Ashley Kemraj
Megan Moran
Evan Wilke
Pajtim Ziba