Faculty Books

Faculty books cover a wide range of civil engineering topics, including geotechnical, construction, transportation, environmental, and structural engineering, as well as engineering pedagogy.  


Rapid Penetration into Granular Media 

M. Iskander, S. Bless, & Mehdi Omidvar

Modelling with Transparent Soils 

M. Iskander 

Behavior of Pipe Piles in Sand

M. Iskander 

Rigidly Framed Earth Retaining Structures

M. Iskander, & W. Aboumoussa

Traffic Engineering 

R. P. Roess, E. S. Prassas, & W. R. McShane

Engineering Economics and Finance for Transportation Infrastructure 

E. S. Prassas, & R. P. Roess

The Highway Capacity Manual: A Conceptual and Research History

 R. P. Roess, & E. S. Prassas

Infrastructure Planning, Engineering, and Economics

A. S. Goodman, & M. Hastak

The Wheels That Drove New York

R. P. Roess, & G. Sansone 

Road Traffic Congestion: A Concise Guide

J. C. Falcocchio, & H. S. Levinson

Traffic Engineering

R. P. Roess, E. S. Prassas, & W. R. McShane

Feedback Ramp Metering in Intelligent Transportation Systems 

P. Kachroo, & K. Ozbay

Advances in Dynamic Network Modeling in Complex Transportation Systems 

S. V. Ukkusuri, & K. Ozbay

Infrastructure Planning Handbook

A. S. Goodman, & M. Hastak 

Contemporary Topics in Deep Foundations

M. Iskander, D. F. Laefer, & M. H. Hussein

Contemporary Topics in Situ Testing, Analysis, and Reliability of Foundations 

M. Iskander, D. F. Laefer, & M. H. Hussein

Contemporary Topics in Ground Modification, Problem Soils, and Geo-Support 

M. Iskander, D. F. Laefer, & M. H. Hussein

From Soil Behavior Fundamentals to Innovations in Geotechnical Engineering 

M. Iskander, G. E. Garlanger, M. H. Hussein

Innovative Techniques in Instruction Technology, E-learning, E-assessment and Education

M. Iskander 

Technological Developments in Networking, Education and Automation 

K. Elleithy, T. Sobh, M. Iskander, V. Kapila, M. A. Karim, & A. Mahmood

Technological Developments in Education and Automation 

M. Iskander, V. Kapila, & M. A. Karim

Innovations in E-learning, Instruction Technology, Assessment and Engineering Education 

M. Iskander 

Feedback Control Theory for Dynamic Traffic Assignment 

P. Kachroo, & K. Ozbay

Advances in Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering 

K. Elleithy, T. Sobh, A. Mahmood, M. Iskander, & M. A. Karim

Proceedings, International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo 

M. Iskander, M. T. Suleiman, B. Anderson, D. F. Laefer

The Biosoma. Reflections on the Synthesis of Biology, Society and Machines- see below an attached pdf

G. Bugliarello 

New York Infrastructure: A Policymaker's Guide

F. H. Griffis 

Construction Planning for Engineers 

F. H. Griffis & J. V. Farr 



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