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Online Political Ads Transparency Project

pile of online ads

This project is focused on improving the transparency of online political advertising. Our goals are to build tools to collect and archive political advertising data. We will work with reporters and institutions to provide our data collection tools and raw data collected to provide insight into online political advertising.

Watch Professor Damon McCoy and Ph.D. candidate Laura Edelson discuss their Online Political Ads Transparency Project


Facebook Transparency Project

Map of the US showing facebook impressions per capita. Described under heading Facebook Transparency Project

Facebook political advertising varied widely from state to state during the May-July period studied by NYU Tandon researchers. The map above shows the most ads per capita appeared in Washington, D.C., followed by Nevada, Colorado, and Maine. The fewest appeared in Delaware, Nebraska, and New Hampshire. Professor Damon McCoy and his students plan to update their data weekly from Facebook's public archive and offer it in an easy-to-understand format as part of their Online Political Ads Transparency Project.

Funded by Democracy Fund and Luminate