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Research Experience for Teachers: COSMOS


Educators at the COSMOS program

We are closely monitoring the current situation regarding COVID-19 and understand the uncertainty of our program stakeholders in making plans. As the situation evolves, we may be shifting the 2020 NSF COSMOS-NewLAW RET to take place in August 2020, with specific dates TBD. We still very much encourage interested teachers to apply, and we will make sure to communicate any updates as they may arise. 

Summer 2020 Applications are now available - sign up here!

The NSF COSMOS-NewLAW Research Experience for Teachers (RET) is an intense summer program for teachers who learn how to master the most advanced techniques in wireless technology with help from researchers at Columbia University and NYU. The teachers work at the MetroTech Center Campus at NYU, designing web-based lab experiments that illustrate the theory and practice of wireless networking. Since Fall of 2018, participating teachers have incorporated the science, math, and computer science lab experiments developed through this program within their classrooms, giving students hands-on experience with the next wave of mobile technology.

COSMOS: Learning from the Next Generation Wireless Network (Video published April, 2019; featuring 2018 RET Program Teacher Cohort)

Program Goals

Over the period of six weeks, the teachers will:science labs and grade levels

  1. Carry out cutting edge educational research in the field of wireless networks, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, collaborating with a faculty mentor.

  2. Collaborate with graduate students in the research laboratory of the faculty (aka principal investigator, PI).

  3. Collaborate with other teachers in the program.

  4. Collaborate in building a library of web-based, experiential lessons, which they will use in their classroom in the upcoming year.

This project is a partnership with Columbia Engineering Outreach and NYU Tandon's Center for K12 STEM Education.

Teacher Eligibility

  • Teachers MUST be math or science certified.
  • Teachers must be U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents.
  • Must teach at a public middle or high school located in a NYC borough.
  • Must have at least three years of full-time teaching experience in science, math, or pre-engineering disciplines.
  • Must receive endorsement by school administration.

Teachers must also be responsible for the following:

  • Attend all program activities
  • Complete assigned research and curriculum project, final presentation and report
  • Participate in academic year activities, such as presentations, meetings, and conferences
  • Implement a COSMOS lesson within classroom with students during academic year
  • Submit program assessment

Program Details

  • Dates: August, dates TBD
  • Location: NYU Tandon School of Engineering
  • Schedule: 9am - 5pm
  • Stipend Amount: $8,000 at program completion
  • Additional: Teachers will receive a COSMOS Education Toolkit and CTLE credit
  • Applications Due: Rolling basis

Application Requirements and Additional Information

Additional Information:

  • COSMOS Educational Toolkit - A great resource for free lessons, labs, and curriculum materials for math, science, and computer science classrooms -- created from previous years' COSMOS RET cohorts. 
  • COSMOS: A New Generation of Wireless Technologies - A video introduction to the research on wireless technologies. 
  • COSMOS Testbed Main Website - Main website for the COSMOS project. The COSMOS project is aimed at design, development, and deployment of a city-scale advanced wireless testbed in order to support real-world experimentation on next-generation wireless technologies and applications.

How will you be involved? 

Teachers will work together with their mentor and graduate students jointly to design and develop web-based labs/experiments that will run on the advanced wireless testbed currently being designed. The teacher will use the testbed to develop research experiments suitable for K-12 students, which will be transferred into web-based, self-explanatory labs to be used by other technology students. The labs should be an approachable introduction to interesting and emerging concepts related to optical and wireless networking, without demanding mastery of the hardware’s complexity. The labs will provide students the opportunity to understand a real networking system’s dynamics and operation. 

COSMOS Toolkit and circuitry

Classroom Implementation:

With mentor support, the teachers will create new curriculum labs with the goal to use the labs in their classrooms in the following academic year. The labs will be web-based and will be disseminated though the websiteCOSMOS teachers in a lab of the of the COSMOS RET Toolkit. The mentor will be involved in the teacher’s classroom through class visits and through meetings with the teacher as needed. The teacher will be encouraged and supported to present the labs he/she develop at regional or national meetings, or publish in an education/practitioner journal. We anticipate and hope the teacher and research team partnerships will continue for many years to come.