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Cyber Security for Computer Science (CS4CS)

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Chris Nims, Chief Information Security Officer of Oath, talks to a class of CS4CS students at Industry City.



PROGRAM LENGTH Three-week summer program
Monday–Friday, 9 am-4 pm
ELIGIBILITY NYC residents that are currently in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade
Full Scholarship

CS4CS is an introduction to the fundamentals of cybersecurity and computer science for high school students with any or no background experience in cybersecurity or computer programming. Throughout the program, students will learn from lessons focused on a spectrum of topics such as “white-hat” hacking, cryptography, steganography, digital forensics, privacy, data usage, and other issues relevant to the fast-growing cyber industry.


Participants learn various software tools and techniques used to detect cyber threats and investigate their origins and purposes, and cover topics such as the use of ciphers in protecting computer networks and developing coding skills. Students also explore some of the behavioral science that helps us understand and mitigate threats like phishing scams, identity theft and the like.Additionally, CS4CS students participate in Irondale, a mandatory program led by theater teaching artists who use improv to boost communication and public speaking skills, adding a unique dimension to their learning experience.

Important Dates

2024 Program Schedule:

  • Application Opens: February 1
  • Final Deadline: April 14
  • Notification of Acceptance: Week of May 12
  • Orientation: June 28(via Zoom 1:00PM - 4:00PM EST)
  • Program Starts: July 15
  • Program Ends: August 9
  • Holiday: July 4

I believe wholeheartedly that I made the correct decision in ever applying to CS4CS. The curriculum which I learned and the recreational experiences met more than my expectations. Not only did I grow out of a summer shadow shell, I learned many aspects of computer science ranging from basic Python to forensics and web development, allowing me to have more knowledge on this subject which I am interested in, and have always been interested in. I invested my time into CS4CS not because I required something to do over the summer, but because I truly wanted to learn a bit more of computer science, and I achieved, thanks to my patient and wholesome instructors, and the aid of my peers. "

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This program was created by Nasir Memon, a professor, computer scientist and cybersecurity expert. He is a co-founder of NYU's Center for Cyber Security (CCS)in New York as well as NYU Abu Dhabi. He is the founder of the OSIRIS Lab, CSAW, the NYU Tandon Bridge program as well as the Cyber Fellows program at NYU.


If you are experiencing trouble submitting your application, we want to encourage you to keep at it, and please reach out to for assistance.

CS4CS's Keywords: Coding, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computational Analytics, Cloud Computing, Integrated Systems, Wireless Communications, Algorithms, Hacking, Cyber Security, Privacy Treat


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