Mechatronics Research Projects


Internet-based remote control using a microcontroller and an embedded ethernet board

PDF| 2004 ACC paper PDF


Matlab-based graphical user interface development for basic stamp 2 microcontroller projects

PDF, 2004 ACC paper PDF


Internet-based remote control of a DC motor using an embedded ethernet microcontroller (TINI)

2004 ASEE paper PDF


Development of a Matlab-Based Graphical User Interface Environment for PIC Microcontroller Projects

2004 ASEE paper PDF


Matlab Data Acquisition and Control Toolbox for Basic Stamp Microcontrollers

2006 ACC paper PDF


Development of a MATLAB Data Acquisition and Control Toolbox for PIC Microcontrollers

2007 ASEE paper PDF


Image Processing-Based Object Recognition and Manipulation with a 5-DOF Smart Robotic Arm through a Smartphone Interface Using Human Intent Sensing

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Robot For Assistance

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Robotic Puppet, Smart Glove, and iOS application-based Human-Robot Interaction Using A Visual Programming Environment and Custom Robots to Learn C Programming and K-12 STEM Concepts

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