ME2514 - Measurement Systems

This course focuses on electrical measurement and devices. It covers the following topics: instrument systems and components, analog to digital conversion, signal processing, filtering, readout devices, static and dynamic measurements, sensors and actuators, calibration, digital logic, and computer interfacing. In addition, it exposes students to the study of measurement systems via computer simulations. Students perform numerous computer-aided, real-time data acquisition exercises for real-world electrical, robotic, mechanical, and fluid systems.


Lecture topics include:

    1. Introduction to mechatronics and measurement systems
    2. Electric circuits and components
    3. System response and signal conditioning
    4. Operational amplifiers
    5. Digital signals and data acquisition
    6. Basic electrical measurement and sensing devices
    7. Different types of sensors and sensor calibration
    8. Actuators

The structured experiments include:

    1. Basic electric components/measurements and traditional instruments
    2. Modern data acquisition and first-order systems
    3. Operational amplifier circuits
    4. Temperature measurements
    5. Position and velocity measurements
    6. Acceleration measurements