biLAb met with HOK BIM Group for VR knowledge sharing

The meeting was at HOK headquarters, hosted by James Vandezenda, Director of BIM, on April 27, 2017.

MS student Robert Chiarelli from Computer Science and Engineering completed his thesis work in May 2017

Rob Chiarelli, an MS student from Tandon Computer Science and Engineering Deparment was advised by Dr. Ergan. Rob worked on "development of a system architecture for customizing BIMs for FM tasks." 

biLAB hosted two high school students as NYU K-12 STEM ARISE students in summer 2017

biLAB hosted Connie Tsang from Hunter College High School and JAson Cheung from Stuyvesant High School to work on adaptive VR environments. Please check research group.


bilab participated in Annual Reserch Expo 2017

Since 2015, biLAB has been acrively participating in the NYU Tandon Research Expo. This year we particiated with "Facility operations using eye tracking" research. 


Dr. Ergan gave an invited talk at NYU CUSP in October 2016

biLAB work was presented at NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP) group on October 20, 2016. The title of the talk was "Towards adaptive and responsive buildings."

biLAB hosted two graduate students from Computer Science and Engineering to work with Dr. Ergan

Zeyu Meng and Prateek Chourasia, both of whom are MS students at Computer Science and Engineering Department, completed their MS Projects in December 2016 with Prof Ergan on analysis of building sensor data for pattern detection in AHU operations using data science. 


biLAB hosted undergraduate students in summer 2016

biLAB hosted 5 international undergradaute students to work in the lab as undergraduate summer interns to complete a BIM of an assigned building using drawings.

MS student Rodrigo Lima completed his MS Thesis in May 2016

MS student Luiz Arruda finished his thesis work on "Airport operational safety during capital improvement projects" in May. Congrats!