biLAB recieved C2SMART center grant.

Our proposal on "Increasing work zone safety: Worker behavioral analysis with
integration of wearable sensors and virtual reality" with Dr. Ozbay has received a C2SMART center funding.

biLAB received a multi-year DOE grant in collaboration with LLNL

 Our DOE proposal, titled “Capacity Utilization of Building Energy (CUBE): A Multi-Scale Approach“, led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has been funded.  More information is available

Celia Yu, PhD student of biLAB participated in the PWC technology forum

Profesional Women in Construction (PWC) hosted technology forum was on Febreuary 28, 2018. Celia participated with a demo from biLAB.


biLAB is part of NYU EDC funded AR/VR Lab

biLAB participated in the city public news event for Interactive VR/AR event on June 27, 2017.