Yi Xiao - Undergraduate Student Profile

Yi Xiao, a senior studying Sustainable Urban Environments, credits the NYU Tandon School of Engineering for giving her valuable experience she needs to make a difference.

Growing up in China, Yi Xiao dreamed of reducing the heavy automobile traffic in her Beijing neighborhood. The Sustainable Urban Environments program at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is making her aspirations a reality, providing her with a large selection of courses for urban planning and design that make cities more livable.

Over the summer, Yi took advantage of the NYU merger by traveling overseas for the Urban Design in London program. In a city making great strides toward improving sustainability, she researched the technology behind a wide array of structures, including buildings at Oxford University, country houses and Westminster Abbey. Yi credits the NYU School of Engineering for imparting both the science and policy of urban planning that will help her achieve her goals as she goes on to study water engineering in graduate school.