Xiaoxiang "Sean" Xu | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Xiaoxiang "Sean" Xu

With two patents to his name in his native country of China, Xiaoxiang (Sean) Xu brings his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to the United States and the School of Engineering for even better opportunities to invent, providing the ideal example of the i2e philosophy that defines the Institute.

During his undergraduate years, this electrical engineering major made the shift from student to inventor. The creator of smaller-sized solar panels that attach to moving objects to maximize their sun exposure, Xiaoxiang is driven to create technology that is helps others, constantly coding with people in mind. As a socially conscious school, the School of Engineering strives to give him the opportunities and resources he needs to achieve these goals.

Together with Dr. Jonathan Chao of the electrical engineering department, Xiaoxiang is putting his creative coding skills to the test as they work toward treating severe cerebral cortical epilepsy. A type of epilepsy that is resistant to drugs and unsuitable for surgical intervention, they're making advances in creating a fully implantable device that will record electrical discharge of neurons, recognize abnormal patterns in hopes of preventing seizure generation right at its origins. From sunlight to seizures, Xiaoxiang has our world covered.