Winners 2014-2015 | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Winners 2014-2015


Overall 1st Place/Top Hardware: Spectre
2nd Place/Top Software: VIT
3rd Place: Intergrated 






We are designing a virtual reality set with eye tracking capability which we call the VR Spectre.

Team: Jacek Juda, Pawel Juda 

Mentor: Nicolas Vansnick


Customized helmet with intergrated eletronics. 

Team: Diallo Sambury, Ramon Parchment 

Mentor: Carlos Ospina

Project Brew

Mobile coffee brewer and container in one.

Nicholas Molinski, Theo Goodman, Arch Rowan

Mentor: Michael Lightman


System of sensors that can offer real-time biomechanical data regarding muscular activity.

Team: Jay Kumar, Parth Singh

Mentor: Frank Yao




VIT offers an adaptive apps that suggests excerise routines and meals.

Team: Sebastian Garcia & Danielle Soto

Mentor: Sam Krueickberg

Late Pass

Secondary market for tickets.

Team: Frank Reedy, Iyshwerya Kumar

Mentor: Lucas Nelson


Demo Day Judges:

Michael Landewe, Co-Founder Avanan

Andrew Erlick, Director of Design & Technology Outreach Indiegogo

Eric D Kroll, Venture Partner Indicator Ventures

Kurt H. Becker, PhD Vice Dean for Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship             

Christopher Synder, Business Development Manager NYU


Making the Cut Judges:

Maria Nakanwagi (Microsoft) 

Kim Purcell (Mastercard)

David Lefer (School of Engineering)

Jerry Hao (NYU Innovation Venture Fund)

Christopher Synder, Business Development Manager NYU


Power Pitch Judges:

Mike Lightman (Program Manager at NYCACRE)

Jade Huang (Founder & CEO at

Per von Zelowitz (Founder and CEO at Cowri)

Philip Reichen (Engineer | Entrepreneur)