All student clubs are required to register travel with Student Activities. Travel is defined as any outing, trip, etc. that happens outside of the five boroughs of NYC. Make sure to submit the below paperwork to the OSARC at a minimum of three weeks ahead of time. Staff may ask for an in-person meeting to discuss your travel plans. For information on funding for travel, please see the Funding & Financials tab.

Required for Domestic and International Travel:

Student Club Travel Form (NYU Engage form)
This must be filled out for any travel happening outside of the five boroughs. It requires a trip point of contact, information about the trip, and emergency contact information for all students traveling. All participant information (inlcuding name, NetID, contact information, travel information, and emergency contact information) must also be sumitted via the NYU Engage (OrgSync) form using the Club Travel Participant Registration template (Excel spreadsheet).

Travel Waiver Form (pdf)
This document is required for any students taking club-related travel outside of the five boroughs of NYC. Travel plans must be reported to the OSARC at least three weeks in advance of the trip and a club Advisor must be present during the duration of the trip.  

NYU Traveler (website)
NYU Traveler was created to provide the NYU community with tools and services for their travel needs and to help keep them safer. University-related travel may now be booked or registered through NYU Traveler. All travelers must be registered with NYU Traveler. For help or more information, please see the NYU Traveler self-registration video tutorial or the NYU Traveler Instruction Manual.

For International Travel:

All student clubs looking to travel internationally must set up an in-person meeting with Student Activities to review all policies and aspects of the anticipated trip. Please see the International Travel checklist (pdf) for additional information.