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Suggested Books

Uniting the Virtual Workforce: Transforming Leadership and Innovation in the Globally Integrated Enterprise
Karen Sobel Lojeski, Presidential Fellow; Richard R. Reilly; 2008

"Uniting the Virtual Workforce charts the course for competing in the twenty-first century by tapping into the powers of virtual work…Karen and Dick have tapped into a key ingredient in the recipe for global growth."
– Jerry Hultin, Polytechnic President

Igniting Innovation – Through the Power of Creative Thinking
David Tanner, Polytechnic Alumnus; 2008

Publisher’s note: [Igniting Innovation] describes six essential components in building a more creative, innovative organization. The book draws from Dr. Tanner's experience gained at DuPont and lecturing and consulting with many organizations.

The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can Be Done About It
Paul Collier; 2007
Available at Dibner; Call# HC79.P6 C634 2007

"The best book on international affairs so far this year."
– Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times

Innovation Nation: How America Is Losing Its Innovation Edge, Why It Matters, And What We Can Do to Get It Back
John Kao; 2007
Available at Dibner; Call# HD45 .K337 2007

"An insightful, and scary, account of the innovation challenges faced by the U.S... A very useful book that punctures America's complacency about innovation."
– Business Week

Design Like You Give A Damn: Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crises
Architecture for Humanity; 2006
Available at Dibner; Call# NA2543.S6 D397 2006

“Design Like You Give A Damn screams its message in its title. Good design is not a luxury, but a necessity.”
– The Scotsman

The Medici Effect: What Elephants and Epidemics Can Teach Us About Innovation
Frans Johansson; 2006
Available at Dibner; Call# HC79.T4 J625 2006

“Johansson…argues that innovations occur when people see beyond their expertise and approach situations actively, with an eye toward putting available materials together in new combinations.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

The Entrepreneurial Imperative: How America’s Economic Miracle Will Reshape the World
Carl J. Schramm; 2006
Available at Dibner; Call# HB615 .S37 2006

Publisher’s note: As Schramm compellingly shows in this sweeping manifesto, entrepreneurship alone—not anything else—can give America the necessary leverage to remain an economic superpower.

Innovation – The Missing Dimension
Richard K. Lester; Michael J. Piore; 2004

“The authors lead us to the conclusion that you have to go beyond just listening to the customer, you have to observe them and anticipate what they themselves never imagined they would want.”
– Patrick le Quément, Chief Designer, Renault

Pasteur’s Quadrant: Basic Science and Technological Innovation

Donald E. Stokes; 1997
Available at Dibner; Call# Q127.U6 S757 1997

Publisher’s note: Stokes builds a convincing case that by recognizing the importance of use-inspired basic research we can frame a new compact between science and government.