Thomas Nisterenko

  • B.S. in Computer Science

Thomas Nisterenko using a light-blue t-shirt

Global Challenge: Reverse engineering the brain

Developing solutions with an entrepreneurial mindset with attention to social, cultural, and economical effects is not only what I want to do, it is what the world needs.”


I am a Computer Science major at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil – the international hub of South America, which caused me to come into contact with the many qualities of different cultures. This fascination, alongside my love for computers and technology, has led me to the goal of learning and applying technology to bring people together. For instance, in 2019, I organized a project to instruct elders on how to use computers to allow them to connect with their loved ones in the digital world. As much as I love computers, I also extremely enjoy staying active; so, whenever I have time, I like to clock in an outdoor run or a volleyball game. I plan to keep learning and improving myself so that I can develop the technologies that will help people around the world break away from geographical and economic barriers and bring about a truly connected future.