Sachin Labhishetty

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Sachin Labhishetty

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Sachin's interest in financial markets was kindled at the finance club of BITS Pilani - KK Birla Goa Campus, where he worked in managing a student-led portfolio. Having explored the traditional approach of fundamental & technical investing, he was intrigued by the emerging quantitative and machine learning-based trading. Through the courses offered in NYU FRE, he worked on projects to build factor investing models, time-series momentum strategies using deep neural networks. He aspires to work in a buy-side quant research firm after graduation. He also holds a BE in Mechanical & MS in Economics.   

He has interned at the FinTech division in Nomura and Equity Research division in William O' Neil. He was also a world finalist in the 2019 UBS Quant Hackathon. This summer, he worked on a project with Quadratic Capital LLC to build a better risk-adjusted returns multi-asset class portfolio as an alternative to the 60/40 "retirement portfolio".

Sachin served as Vice President of Trading in the NYU FRE Bulls and Bears Club in the 2019-2020 academic year. He will be serving as Managing Director of  Trading in the 2020 Fall semester. Apart from work he loves hiking in upstate NY, biking across NYC, canoeing in the Gowanus canal, or volunteering as a math-tutor at MS-319

Incoming students or industry experts interested in connecting can contact him via email or LinkedIn.