Luciano Medina,
Ph. D.


New York University2014

Doctor of Philosophy, Mathematics

Polytechnic University2008

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

Polytechnic Institute of New York University2010

Master of Science, Mathematics

Journal Articles

"On the existence of optical vortex solitons propagating in saturable nonlinear media", Journal of Mathematical Physics (2017) DOI:

"Pull-in Curves of MEMS Actuators in Presence of Casimir Force: Analysis and Computation", Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (2016) [with Brenda McLellan, Chenmei Xu, and Yisong Yang]. DOI: 10.1002/zamm.201500013

"Vortex Equations Governing the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect", Journal of Mathematical Physics (2015) DOI:

"Universal curve, biological time, and dynamically varying scaling exponent in growth law", Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications (2010) [with Yisong Yang] DOI:

Research Interests

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics

Gauge Field Theory

Pull in Phenomenon in MEM/NEMs Devices

Chaotic Dynamics of Tumor Growth Models  

DNA Dynamics

Optical Vortex Solitons