Kevin Gallagher

  • Ph.D. Student

Status: PhD Candidate - Joined 2014

Kevin Gallagher received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from CUNY's Hunter College in January 2014. Since then he has done development work for CUNY's Central Office and performed research at the CUNY Graduate Center in bibliometrics and social networks. Kevin is currently pursuing his PhD in Computer Science at The NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

PGP Key Fingerprint: D02B 25CB 0F7D E276 06C3  BF08 53E4 C50F 8247 4861

City University of New York Office of Institutional Research and

Non-Teaching Adjunct

Development work for an internal assessment system. This included applied machine learning, python programming, java programming, and SQL.

From: June 2014 to August 2014

Journal Articles

  • New Me: Understanding Expert and Non-Expert Perceptions and Usage of the Tor Anonymity Network, Gallagher, K., Patil, S., Memon, N. Thirteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS 2017)
  • Predicting citation patterns: defining and determining influence, Brizan, D.G., Gallagher, K., Jahangir, A. et al. Scientometrics (2016) 108: 183. doi:10.1007/s11192-016-1950-1

Research Interests

  • Usable security
  • Anonymity and privacy
  • Anonymity networks
  • Anti-censorship
  • Measurement
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Mobile Forensics