Julia Kapran

  • Class of 2019

Photo of Julia Kapran

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York; Minsk, Belarus

Julia Kapran received her Undergraduate degree in Applied Physics in the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Honors Program, with minors in Creative Writing and Mathematics. She concentrated in computational physics and numerical methods in fluid mechanics and was preparing to apply to Graduate programs to pursue physical oceanography, but decided to take some classes offered by the Financial and Risk Engineering department before making a final decision about her career.

She ended up loving the program after just two classes (Intro to Derivative Securities and Corporate Valuation), took a summer to study more of the math and finance required for the program’s rigorous curriculum, and is now pursuing Financial Engineering via the BS/MS program, full time. She gets involved in as many communities, events, and competitions as possible on campus, and will be competing in the 2019 IAQF competition with her FRE classmates—some of the brightest people she has met at NYU. She is networking with industry professionals thanks largely to on-campus events and is taking advantage of NYU’s rich career development resources to better understand what paths are available to her as a physics major turned aspiring financial engineer.

Kapran is also making an effort to reach out to other students on campus—she would love to see a broader constituency bringing together experiences from different academic and professional backgrounds to solve problems in Financial Engineering. To her, the challenges are truly deep and multifaceted, and she hopes to inspire her peers to develop an interest in this field and its meaningful and exciting problems.