Iccha Singh

Global Challenge: Agricultural Rights and Sustainable Farming

With the help of the GLASS Honors Program, I aim to set up and lead a nonprofit and expand the team to create more impact in improving the state of India’s farming sector.”


I'm Iccha — pronounced itch-a. It means 'wish' in Punjabi! I am a sophomore at NYU Tandon School of Engineering studying Computer Science. I've always liked tinkering, When I was 12, I started my middle school's first tech club, where we focused on hands-on-learning and speaking to inspirational figures from Major League Hacking to NASA. Over the eight years of running the club, I loved learning about how we can use tech for good. This is why I applied to GLASS, was a founding member of TechTogether, and am currently a TA at the MakerSpace. When I'm not busy trying to figure out my CS homework, you'll find me running over the Brooklyn Bridge, boppin' to House music, or searching for the best Bubble Tea in the city.