Anurag Tadapaneni

  • B.S. in Computer Engineering


Global Challenge: Emerging Media

Determination and hard work can take me far, but the resources and opportunities GLASS provides can take me further. The world is more dynamic than ever, and being just a game developer is not enough. I need to be able to innovate and expand, which is what GLASS is about.



I am a sophomore student at New York University studying Computer Engineering. My goal is to combine both art and technology to help uplift and improve both my community and the world at large.

I was born and raised in suburban New Jersey, and since I was young, I was always very interested in science and new technology. Throughout high school, I expanded my interests by being the founder of the Tech Club and member of the school robotics team. At NYU, I am currently part of the IEEE and I am learning about robotics and new developments in the world of science. I also became more aware of my community and how I could affect it throughout the quarantine. I organized food drives and fundraisers, and also spent months volunteering at vaccination sites across America.

Apart from school, I enjoy swimming, cooking, and reading a good book. I have also recently began coding my very first game.