Aminata Dioume

  • B.S. in Biomolecular Science

Aminata Dioume using a yellow top

Global Challenge: Health and Sustainability

The GLASS program crosses traditional education boundaries by bringing together different academic disciplines to act and work together. Because biomolecular sciences, and more broadly biology, is such a vast field, the possibilities for exploration are limitless.



I grew up in Africa and recently moved to the US to pursue my higher education. I’m currently studying Biomolecular Sciences at New York University in the hopes of later attending Medical school. With the fusion of a scientific core with a philanthropic heart, I found it to be a purposeful and versatile vocation. 

I wish to harness values and work-ethic to explore the numerous fields in which my learnings in the sciences can be implemented. In light of that ambition, I have had the opportunity to aid the passionate team that worked on the Beer-sheba project. This project, based in Nianing, aims to develop a sustainable method of food cultivation, as well as a system to educate the population on different farming techniques adapted to the distinct regions.

As my experiences and interests in science continue to manifest through my academic pursuits, I wish to be challenged by an abundance of concepts to help me blossom into a more informed, articulate, and initiative-taking agent of change.