Alison Wang

Data Science MD
Bulls & Bears Club


B.S. Mathematics-Computer Science, University of California, San Diego 
B.A. Economics, University of California, San Diego


  • Programmed the multi-factor stock portfolio selection function and developed a back-testing program for the portfolio with historical data.
  • Conducted Credit Market Monthly reports for fix-income sector monthly summary meeting, visualized the summary of default time, balance, corporate credit rating, and secondary classification, and analyzed the default reasons
  • Conducted industrial research on the pharmaceutical sector, the gold sector, and the automotive sector
  • Implemented the Gaussian Mixture Model-Hidden Markov Model, XGBoost Model, and the Long, Short-Term Memory on stock trend prediction. 

Goals for Bulls & Bears

To provide students with more practical experience in financial model building and data analysis. To build a team that helps each other to succeed.