Abhishek Kulkarni

  • Student


Abhishek Kulkarni

Managing Director, Trading, Bulls & Bears Club


B.E. Mechanical Engineering, BITS Pilani, India


  • Designed and manufactured the suspension system of a Formula-1 prototype for the  Student Formula Racing Team of BITS Pilani participating at the SAEINDIA event
  • Simulated the infamous Geometric Brownian Motion equation on the Indian markets to predict future prices for the Nifty50 index constituents
  • Developed a model for ICICI Prudential AMC to identify an appropriate time to enter the Indian Automobile sector using various macroeconomic indicators. Simulated an algorithm to segregate under- and overvalued stocks in the sector
  • Modeled various Cash Flow Recovery models with Deutsche Bank’s Global Credit Ratings Team to analyze recovery potential of various counterparties
  • Responsible for Financial Modeling of MSCI Inc.’s Run Rate and Revenue derived from the ETF Database. containing more than 75,000+ ETFs of different product categories
  • Member of BITS’ Wallstreet Club, educating students about investing and trading. Head of Portfolio Management team managing a portfolio worth INR 100,000+

Goals for Bulls & Bears

Promote financial literacy on campus by teaching different instruments and securities available for saving and investing in capital markets. Spread awareness about various models and methods for the analysis of different financial instruments traded. Create a platform for students to learn and practice trading in capital markets for any trading competition.