Tandon Career Services

Our services are tailored and customized to meet the unique needs of STEM students

Every NYU Tandon student is invited to schedule an appointment with one of our coaches. Coaching and professional development training is delivered by experienced industry professionals.

Our office also aims to provide Tandon students access to meaningful and interesting job and internship opportunities through career fairs, employer events and a dedicated career portal.


Hexagon advertising Career Services offerings, including 1-1 coaching, specialized bootcamps, employer events, and job search workshops.

Spring 2021 Virtual Career Fair


For Employers interested in engaging with NYU Tandon students:

NYU Tandon will be hosting two weeks of virtual Fall Career Recruitment events from February 9-19, 2021.






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Placement Outcomes

NYU Tandon students find jobs faster and earn more upon graduation than the national starting average for recent grads

For additional career services, visit NYU's Wasserman Center for Career Development.